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Welcome to Serenity Nursing School, Inc.

Nursing School in California

At Serenity Nursing School, Inc., we understand the challenges and needs of everyone in this fast-changing, modernized world. As the baby boomer generation moves into its later years, the demand for Healthcare provider increased. One of the contributing factors to life’s longevity is high-quality care from knowledgeable and properly trained healthcare providers.

Be that knowledgeable and properly trained Healthcare provider and make a difference in other people’s lives. We will prepare you to be the best nurse you can be with the right education and proper skills training. Once you completed all the requirements, you are ready to take the Nursing Assistant certification exam and be certified. You, then, will be a proud and empowered Certified Nursing Assistant/ CNA ready to step in and join the Healthcare workforce.

Our door is open. Please come in and let us assist you in your journey to a BETTER future through our health care training in Los Angeles County, California.


Serenity Nursing School is an approved Testing Site. California State Certification Exam for Nursing Assistant is done in our campus.

Nursing Assistant Training Program. Be a CNA in just 5 Weeks.

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  • Serenity Nursing School
  • Serenity Nursing School
  • Serenity Nursing School
  • Serenity Nursing School
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Our MissionStatement

Empowering people through Education

Serenity Nursing School’s mission is to provide a high-quality, comprehensive, meaningful, and the best education possible for our students; to empower all our students to apply their acquired knowledge and skills, and to rely upon their attributes to lead productive lives and become a contributing member of the healthcare workforce.

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