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Caring For Someone With Dementia—3 Tips

Man holding a senior hand

Dementia, much like Alzheimer’s, is a progressive biological brain disorder that evolves over time and affects people’s ability to remember things, communicate, or even think clearly.

To add to these symptoms, dementia also makes it hard to maintain a healthy emotional balance causing mood swings, changes in personality and even behaviors.

If you’re currently caring for a dementia patient, here are 3 tips that will make things easier.

Set A Positive Mood For Interaction

Dementia patients need extra love and attention because of their condition. Setting a positive mood with your attitude, tone, expressions and body language not only makes things better for them, but also makes the communication process easier for you as the caregiver.

When speaking to them, make sure that you state your message clearly and refrain from speaking loudly. You might have to often repeat yourself; when that happens, make sure you speak slowly in a reassuring tone.

Try To Catch Your Patient’s Full Attention

Since communication and thought formation is difficult for dementia patients, it is important to get them to give you their full attention.

If that seems to be the problem you’re facing, it might be a good idea to turn off all distractions like the TV or ambient noise. This could also include shutting the curtains or moving to quieter surroundings.

When trying to communicate, address yourself by name and relation and make use of non-verbal cues and the sense of touch to keep your patient focused.

Break Down Complex Tasks Into Small Steps

Breaking down complex tasks into simpler ones makes them easier to accomplish.

To help them with their daily tasks, you can gently encourage the patient and remind them of the steps in case they forget.

Visual cues are often helpful when encouraging them to do something on their own, like showing them where to put the dinner plate on the table.

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