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Duties of a Nurse You May Not Have Known About


Nurses play a critical role in many healthcare industries and many people. They work in clinics, hospitals, senior homes, home healthcare providers, and many more. The services they provide are essential for patient care, recovery, and rehabilitation. Here are some of the duties of a nurse you may not have known about:

  • Administration of Medication and Treatment

    Registered nurses have the qualification to administer medication and treatments for their patients. Proper medication administration can help individuals like seniors and PWDs take their medicines on time and avoid medication errors. We offer health care training in Los Angeles County, California, for those who would like to become a nurse.

  • Recording Symptoms and Medical History of Patients

    Nurses record vital information associated with overall patient health. This information can reduce the risk of further health complications and the development of medical conditions.

  • Operating and Managing Medical Equipment

    Operating medical equipment can be cumbersome and difficult for many patients. Nurses also maintain these types of equipment for patients to help ensure they remain functional.

  • Checking Vital Signs

    Vital signs provide essential health information. Nurses monitor and check vital signs regularly, helping patients and their doctors remain informed about relevant health information.

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