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Nuggets of Wisdom From CPR Classes


Not just the caretakers, healthcare providers, and emergency responders should learn CPR; everyone should. The skills and training for lifesaving can save lives. Accidents can occur whenever. Therefore, it is crucial to know what to do. Particularly nurses, nursing assistants, and healthcare professionals need to be trained in CPR.

CPR and other critical skills are standard when you join a basic medical assistant training program. Serenity Nursing School, Inc. can assist you with:

  • Learning to spot the early warning signs of cardiac arrest in a victim so you can provide the required assistance.
  • Avoid wasting too much time on the fundamentals, and learn how to administer one-person CPR in an organized fashion.
  • Being able to execute many forms of CPR and understand when to employ one approach over another. Adult CPR for children differs from adult CPR. Both have essential rules to adhere to.
  • Perform hand-only CPR while giving rescue breaths.

Our health care training in Los Angeles County, California, has a lot more to offer. We continue to aim in becoming a leader in CPR instruction. We make it a point to give our students the lifesaving knowledge and abilities they will need in an emergency through our instruction. Join our American Heart Association-accredited classes that offer basic and advanced BLS, CPR, as well as First Aid. Just talk to any of our staff for more information regarding our class hours.

To learn more about our nursing school in California, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our school. We will be more than happy to be with you throughout your medical career journey.