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Tips to Build and Develop Your Nursing Career


Allow us to share some tips to further your career in nursing. It is important to have a career goal as well as know the ways to achieve it.

Obtain a certification. There are as many certifications as the number of nursing specialties in the field. Choose to be certified in specific roles that you want, such as a Certified Childbirth Educator or a Certified Diabetes Educator. Some hospitals even offer additional compensation for board-certified nurses.

Join a committee. A lot of hospitals have committees called Shared Governance. It is for a group of nurses who aim to implement high-standard practices such as work-related issues and practice-related issues. Aside from working together with other nurses in their unit, they can also collaborate with other hospital departments.

Participate in continuing education and go back to school. Some states require CEU hours before re-registering as a licensed nurse. It is also a huge decision to go back to school. Getting an advanced degree under your belt can help broaden your career opportunities. A lot of nurses work full-time while studying for a degree.

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