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Why Nurses Are Important in Today’s Chronic Care System


The nursing crisis goes in two ways. The first one is the struggle to find enough qualified nursing practitioners to fill care positions. The other is in the skyrocketing demand for care as more of the country’s population reaches retirement age.

Add to that the growing complexity of care needs. According to the National Council on Aging, 80% of adults aged 65 and above have one chronic condition, and 68% deal with two or more. The most common are hypertension, high cholesterol, arthritis, ischemic heart disease, and diabetes.

Never before has the role of the nursing professional or medical assistant been more vital than in this situation. And the research backs it up. A 2017 article in the Delaware Journal of Public Health revealed that clinical outcomes tend to improve when nursing practitioners are involved in chronic care. Meanwhile, data from the San Francisco Department of Public Health Network showed that patients enrolled in nurse-led chronic care programs experienced a 50% reduction in hospital stays and a 10% reduction in emergency department admissions one year after enrollment.

Why? Through what they offer in the chronic care setting. Nurses provide a holistic approach to care often overlooked in specialist-only modalities. They work with patients directly through medication synchronization and adherence, transitional care, patient education, behavioral goal setting, and family-physician coordination. The same article revealed that nurses also offered morale support, saving them time and providing aid right when needed.

Clearly, there is no better time to undergo health care training in Los Angeles County, California than in these circumstances.

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