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9 Responses to Client and Students Testimonials

  1. Bisyo


  2. Mafe Fuller

    I am new in the United States and so afraid what I am going to do. I wanna be a nurse. I want to work in the Healthcare industry but I do not know where to begin. So my friend told me about this school and how friendly and cool the teacher ( I miss you, teacher Lorna)… She helped me and my classmates understand everything from Theory to Clinical. She won’t stop until you learned. So when the State exam comes you know what you’re going to do. Once you have dedication of what you are doing, trust me you will pass the State exam. By the way, we all passed the State exam and that was the most amazing feeling after all the sacrifices we did.
    Thank you again, teacher Lorna and for being with us during the State exam.

    Mafe Fuller

  3. Steven Wahyudi

    My experienced as a student of Serenity Nursing school was a great one. The classroom where we initially had classes and practiced skills was very home like and was very comfortable setting to be in. The instructor, Ms. Lorna, was very nice and very accommodating to every student. She provided snacks and was very giving as an instructor. She is someone who is a model nurse and she decided to help us all from the beginning steps.
    I am on my way to become an RN at the moment and I am happy that I am a CNA and I learned from this school. I will also probably come back here when I get the renewal of my BLS certification.
    I highly recommend coming here to anyone who either wants to become a person in the medical field or even if you have no clue of what you want to become, this will help narrow your options.
    Serenity Nursing School has been amazing for me and I hope it’ll be amazing for everyone else.

  4. Ayana Mendez

    My experience with Miss Lorna at Serenity Nursing School was amazing. Miss Lorna was very informative and hands -on with every learning experience whether it be hands -on or in class. Miss Lorna made sure that we knew everything we needed to know and more so we can pass the State exam.
    I am very happy with choosing the nursing school I did. I feel confident in my CNA skills and finding a job.
    Thank you, Miss Lorna.

    Ayanna M.

  5. Racquel Ashman

    For the greater part of my adult life I had worked in an office offering customer service. However, I had always been fascinated by healthcare and admired nurses for the sacrifice they make in treating persons back to health. I wanted to get a feel of what was required and decided to scout out for the available nursing schools. I came across many and even visited their locations to see their school facility. Serenity Nursing School was very impressive. I was captivated by the professional layout of he classroom and safe location.
    Miss Lorna was very patient and accommodative. She took me through the steps in registration and it was smooth sailing then on. The information presented to us students was clear and easy to understand. Practical/Clinical days were fun yet informative. I enjoyed my weekend classes and alas, I passed the CNA exam at the first try.
    Thank you, Serenity Nursing School, I could have not done it without this Institution.
    Miss Lorna, you are an inspiration and the passion you have for the profession is phenomenal. Grateful always !

    R. Ashman 2018

  6. Jessica Vardi

    If you have any interest in starting a career in Nursing, look no further than Serenity Nursing School. There is nothing better than small class sizes and staff that genuinely love their jobs, which you’ll exactly find here.
    Miss Lorna is a woman with a heart of gold and a dream to educate future nurses, which could be felt throughout your program. Her passion bleeds into every lesson and she truly takes the time to get to know each and everyone of her students and tries to accommodate their individual learning styles. She sets you up for success in a way that I imagine is very difficult to find in a less personal programs. If I wasn’t sure that I wanted to be a nurse before going through her CNA Certification Program, I absolutely do now.
    I couldn’t recommend Serenity Nursing School more!!!
    ( Student) Jess Var

  7. Maricruz Delazaro

    All I have to say is thank you!! Mrs.Lorna. Thanks for your dedication and hard work in teaching us to be the best nurses we can be.

  8. Angela Milagros Abreu

    This school is being a blessing to me. Miss Lorna, is a wonderful teacher and so devoted to her students. No way she let you go without learning everything I meant EVERYTHING! She is so compassionate and kind. My experience is unforgettable and my confidence is amazing right now. I feel empowered after taking this course. Thank you, Miss Lorna!

  9. Dorothy

    It is a process n tough decision to make; on when, and where to go to school, considering work schedules.

    But i tell you,
    a few days at serenity i didnt think otherwise of what i wanted to do in life. I realised it was the best decision i ever made and the best place i could ever choose to venture into the health sector.
    The Facilitators (Trs) are wonderful people, they take you into real life situations. CNA becomes so easy when you have the right facilitators. Whether you live far, are financially constrained, or struggling with work schedules serenity NS is the place to go. Ms Lorna makes it possible for everyone…she is a mother figure! Very passionate about creating the best CNAs in the land.
    She quickly understands everyones strengths n weaknesses n will give you her whole time to get you ready for the exam (within 5weeks).

    I will recommend SNS canoga to who ever is passionate about nursing . Look no further.

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