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Breaking It Down: How To Become a Certified Nursing Assistant


CNAs or Certified Nursing Assistants work as healthcare professionals who provide assistance and support to patients who require help under the supervision of a registered nurse or an RN. CNAs mainly help with activities related to daily life, for example, bathing or dressing up.

Becoming A CNA

Unlike most other professions stemming from the main nursing field, becoming a CNA doesn’t require a person to hold a college degree. What counts as an educational foundation is relevant training that is provided during the certification program.

This training counts as a post-secondary non-degree diploma or certificate. To get into a CNA training program, aspiring nursing assistants need to find a reliable, state-sanctioned program like our 5-week course at Serenity Nursing School, Inc and go through the training to pass the certification exam.

Educational Requirements And Certifications Needed

The only prior education needed to become a CNA is to have a high school diploma or a GED, apart from the necessary CNA training that students will receive once they get accepted in the program.

Once candidates complete the duration of the course and go through the necessary practical and otherwise training, they will be required to clear their certification exam. This exam comprises of two main parts: practical and written. The written part of the exam is usually taken in a group setting and consists of multiple-choice-questions which need to be solved within 90 minutes. The rest of the exam tests the candidate’s clinical skills and will need to be completed in 30 minutes.

What Do CNAs Do And Where Do They Work

CNAs work in hospitals, nursing care facilities and even assisted living facilities for senior citizens and geriatric patients. Many nurses also choose to work at urgent care centers, private doctor’s offices and community clinics.

Apart from these, CNAs have many other career options as well for example they can choose to work as home health aides, or at a hospice setting helping the elderly lead better lives. The options are endless!

If you believe that becoming a nursing assistant and helping people get better is your one true calling, we can help!

At Serenity Nursing School, our team of skilled and experienced nurses offersS a comprehensive five week CNA program to help you get started on your path to success. For more information or registration details, call us up at 818-963-8345 or contact us online.