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Not as Easy as It Looks: How to Make it Through Nursing School


Even though the nursing field is interesting and fulfilling, nursing school can be get hard sometimes. There is a lot to study and learn and sometimes, you might feel like you’ve reached your capacity.

This happens to everyone. So if you ever feel like you’re alone in it, just look around at your fellow students and know that the struggle is going to be well worth it for you all. Even though nursing school can get to your head and become too much to deal with, there are several tips recommended by senior nurses that can help make things a little easier.

Here are our favorite suggestions.

Habits Go A Long Way—Use Nursing School To Develop Good Habits

There are two ways you can look at nursing school. You can either consider it an obstacle on your path to becoming a nurse, or you can see it as a great opportunity to develop some really goodhabits and skills.

When times get tough, it helps to view the period as practical education and not just for your nursing related material, but in aspects of being able to manage stress better or handle difficult situations.

Tough times teach us things we will never learn at school!

Find Your Place—One That Helps You Study

When you can’t focus on your studies, here’s something that helps a lot: find a place that mentally stimulates you and makes you more productive! This could be a quiet library, a silent cubicle, or even some greenery—did you know looking at nature helps your brain function better?

Another helpful tip here is to put away your phone when you’re studying to minimize distractions. If you really need to use your phone to access your study materials, put it on airplane mode so you’re not constantly getting distracted by messages, calls and app notifications.

Set Realistic Goals—And Define Rewards

As old fashion as it sounds, the goals and reward system really works. Begin your study session with a list of goals in mind, and a reward idea for yourself if you end up achieving your goal.

The goal could be for example, getting done with a set number of topics and the reward could be treating yourself to an episode of your favorite show.

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