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Challenges and Fears That Nursing Students Face


Being a student at a Nursing School in California, you may face many difficulties and trials along the way to becoming CNA. It is not an easy course, for you have to learn a lot with limited resources and other factors.

Some examples of these challenges are the following:

  • Fear of evaluations
  • Lack of hands-on experience
  • Difficult and demanding patients
  • Lack of support from a clinical instructor

Here is to answer your worries:

Evaluations are crucial to assess your readiness at work.

If hands-on training is not achievable due to instances, look at some local volunteering roles.

There will always be demanding and stubborn patients when you work as a Medical Assistant. Remember, most clients have conditions that can make them grumpy and uncooperative. But with your care and compassion, working with them in peace can be possible.

Please take into consideration that we are aiming for you to become independent. You have to spread your wings and learn how to fly. Do your part while instructors do their best to guide you and provide what you need – just enough for you to start equipped.

In the end, you will work alone most of the time. And if instructors will spoonfeed you during your Health Care Training in Los Angeles County, California, you may find it harder to handle work on the real battlefield.

Serenity Nursing School, Inc. is here to help you learn the basics and the best ways to do your job well. We designed our curriculum based on what we know can help our students. So face your fears and conquer those challenges. Just follow our curriculum, and you’ll see your progress in no time.