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Work in a Nursing Home or In-Home?

Work in a Nursing Home or In-Home?

You may have been thinking about whether to work in a nursing care facility or a home care setup after finishing your Health Care Training in Los Angeles County, California. Both can be challenging and rewarding, but which do you think suits you best?

As a Nursing School in California, let us help you decide.

Here are some of the pros and cons of either working arrangement:

  • You can meet many residents in a care facility and have the privilege to know different personalities. It can be fun and messy at the same time. Here, you will work with other workers such as physicians, janitors, and other carers.
  • While in-home care, you will need to assist only one person daily, most of the time. You can work alone every day and only see your fellows during doctor’s visits and house calls. Or when the nurse for the next shift arrives. Your usual companion can be maids, drivers, and other staff in the client’s house if any. This setup will work for people who prefer a more quiet workplace.

Whichever you choose, we believe you will get the work satisfaction you want, especially when you put your heart and commitment into your job as a Medical Assistant. It will be up to you to choose in the end, anyway, but we hope this blog can help you somehow.

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