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Differences Between Nurses and Nursing Assistants


There is always a misconception between a nursing job and being a Medical Assistant. There are similarities between the two. While both careers work in the medical field and directly with patients, they also have differences.

To have a better understanding, we have listed some of the differences in their roles and responsibilities below:

  • Registered Nurses must be graduates of either two or four-year courses. And since they have degrees and licenses, they have more authority than CNAs. They can work in hospitals, clinics, emergency facilities, wards, and rehabs.
  • Nursing Assistants, however, must finish a short-term Health Care Training in Los Angeles County, California, which is usually less than a year. They can work in clinics, local hospitals, retirement homes, or in-home care setups. Most of the time, they get commands from doctors and nurses.

Both professions are essential to our communities. Without them, the healthcare system must have been frail. And right now, we need more RNs and CNAs as the demand for their services is growing.

Serenity Nursing School, Inc. currently offers courses for Nursing assistants, CRNAs, and Home Health Aides. The timeframe varies from 40 hours to 5 weeks, depending on the program you want to take.

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