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Effective Study Tips for Nursing School

Nursing school is challenging. But don’t let it stop you from achieving your goals. All it takes are some planning, proper time management, and some study tips. Here are some strategies that will help you study more effectively:

  • Follow the NCLEX study guide.
    Not everything you need to know is in the licensing exam. However, studying for it will give you the confidence you need during exam day. Reviewing a guide will help you know what areas to focus on, as well as how the questions are presented.
  • Do not cram.
    Study little by little every day. It will be hard for you to retain every bit of information from one week’s worth of study in a couple of hours during the weekend. Find time to study every day so that you won’t feel overwhelmed.
  • Create a study group.
    Studies show that students retain 10% of information from what they read, 60% from what the teacher discusses, and 90% if they study with peers. Aside from the greater retention rate, it also provides moral support and encouragement.
  • Don’t forget to take breaks.
    You are going to be overwhelmed if you don’t take regular breaks. Recharging your batteries will help improve retention and prevent you from losing enthusiasm and interest.

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