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Even though the nursing field is interesting and fulfilling, nursing school can be get hard sometimes. There is a lot to study and learn and sometimes, you might feel like you’ve reached your capacity. This happens to everyone. So if you ever feel like you’re alone in it, just look around at your fellow students and know that the struggle is going to be well worth it for you all. Even though nursing school can
CNAs or Certified Nursing Assistants work as healthcare professionals who provide assistance and support to patients who require help under the supervision of a registered nurse or an RN. CNAs mainly help with activities related to daily life, for example, bathing or dressing up. Becoming A CNA Unlike most other professions stemming from the main nursing field, becoming a CNA doesn’t require a person to hold a college degree. What counts as an educational foundation
Soft skills are most commonly known as personality and communication skills and are an important, yet often neglected part of the healthcare industry. For example in the nursing industry, employers would naturally expect nurses to possess functional knowledge of medicine and common procedures like inserting an IV or administering an NG tube feed. These expectations often drive students to focus on the practical knowledge or ‘hard skills’ while ignoring the importance of soft skills. Why
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Dementia, much like Alzheimer’s, is a progressive biological brain disorder that evolves over time and affects people’s ability to remember things, communicate, or even think clearly. To add to these symptoms, dementia also makes it hard to maintain a healthy emotional balance causing mood swings, changes in personality and even behaviors. If you’re currently caring for a dementia patient, here are 3 tips that will make things easier. Set A Positive Mood For Interaction Dementia patients